Money management in betting

The money management is essential when it comes to betting on sports events. Proper distribution of the bets is with huge importance to whether you will be successful or not in betting. Apart from that, the work with your bank requires discipline, which is also of great importance.

The betting money management systems are many and various.

The so called flat betting is the most popular. With it you always bet a percentage of your original bank. So if you decide to play with 3% of your bankroll you don’t change it until you get the needed profit or you lose your entire bank. In this system, regardless if you win or lose you always bet the same amount. betting money managementSounds easy, at first glance, but it is not and requires extreme discipline.

It is very difficult to keep betting in the same way, seeing for example how you lose almost every bet when you are into a losing streak. Also it is very difficult not to be tempted to bet more as you see you are in a good run and win almost in all games.

If discipline is not your strongest feature, then the system which is for you is to allocate bets to the bank. In this betting money management system you always bet a percentage of your current bank. So when you are in a good run you bet more. When you are in a bad streak you bet less. This system is suitable if you are not sure of your betting system or if you are too worried about losing money.

Another system that is also very popular is related to the grading of the stakes. In it you value your bets from 1 to 10. So when you are very sure that you will succeed bet 10 units of the bank. If you think that your bet is very risky but you still want to play it, only bet one unit of the bank. This system gives more freedom because it allows you to play riskier matches and still not to lose big money.

Of course, you can safely choose your own money management system. You can pick any of the above systems and modify it so that it fits you best.

More about money management you will learn on the video below